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Autumn trees along one of Mt. Hope's winding roads
Interested in Mount Hope Cemetery's trees?
FOMH volunteer Tom Jones has created a page identifying and locating Mount Hope's major specimen trees on the
plantsmap website ( -- a website that hosts botanical collections). Hop on the site and search "fomh". Then navigate to different plants and collections identified in the cemetery.

In the Trees of Mount Hope collection, you'll find over two-hundred trees identified (more than one-hundred different kinds!) each with a story, pictures, and a location.  Some trees have tags that have information about the tree and QR codes that, when scanned with your smartphone, will take you right to the webpage that has interesting facts and pictures.

crradle grave gardens surround a central monument

If you go to the Cradle Grave Gardening collection, you'll see the latest on a new gardening initiative sponsored by FOMH.  (Cradle graves are those gravesites that have a headstone, footstone and side walls.)

These gardens are  reminiscent of the old days when folks used to go to visit their deceased loved ones and commune with nature.  The revived flower gardens bring beauty to some old gravesites.