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fallen stones to be reset

An interview with Bill Yager, stone restoration specialist, in Mount Hope Cemetery

katsura tree budTHREE-PART TREE TOUR 

Join amateur arborist Rev. Dr. Tom Jones as he walks you through the beautiful trees of Mount Hope Cemetery in early spring.

Tree Tour Part 1: Tom shares his vast knowledge and passion for such trees as the Weeping Norway Spruce, Norway Spruce, Black Walnut, Red Maple, and his favorite tree, the Cornelian Cherry Dogwood -- and more!

Tree Tour Part 2: This part of the tour features the Norway Maple, Weeping Alaskan Cedar, Upright European Hornbeam, Arborvitae, Dawn Redwood, and of course his favorite tree, the Cornelian Cherry Dogwood -- and more!

Tree Tour Part 3: Meet the False Cypress, Tulip Tree, Pignut Hickory, Northern Catalpa, Eastern White Pine, Weeping Mulberry, and yet again, Tom's favorite tree, the Cornelian Cherry Dogwood -- and more!

Tulip tree flowers and leavesThe Tulip Tree:

See the amazing flowers and foliage of the Tulip Tree, and learn about a person interred nearby who played a significant role in Rochester's horticultural legacy.


Using the medium of video, FOMH volunteers are creating a dynamic series of stories and virtual experiences based on our wide repertoire of research on Mount Hope Cemetery. We will enhance our stories with archival materials and photographs. Over the coming weeks and months, we will release these videos on our YouTube channel and website.

b&w portrait Adelaide Crapsey
Poetry Recitation by Nancy Uffindell

"To the Dead in the Graveyard Underneath My Window"
written by  Adelaide Crapsey (1878 - 1914)
American Poet  (and permanent resident of Mount Hope Cemetery)

The Porter Family was integral to the anti-slavery movement and the operation of the Underground Railroad in Rochester. They assisted many escaped slaves in finding their way to freedom in Canada, and actively advocated for the abolishment of slavery. Veteran tour guide Joanne Mitchell tells the story of the Porter Family in the first of a series of "Mount Hope Moments."

Joanne Mitchell has been leading tours for the Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery for 10 years. Her interest in Mount Hope began in college as her dorm room at the University of Rochester overlooked the cemetery.


Now available on the Central Library's YouTube Channel.
The Friends of Mount Hope present these programs in partnership with the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County. Each program includes sign language interpretation. Click on the titles below to explore Mount Hope's fascinating history and cultural legacy.

The Death of Harriet Bentley in the 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic -- A Family Grieves
presented by Patricia Corcoran

portrait photo of Harriet Bentley
The presentation details how family members dealt with the tragedy of losing a beloved mother and daughter in the 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic. Speaker Patricia Corcoran compares and contrasts life in Rochester during the 1918 pandemic with our lives today living through the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Mount Hope Cemetery: An Artistic Legacy
presented by Christopher C. Conway

Weary Pilgrim sculpture
Explore a selection of artistic works found throughout Mount Hope Cemetery and learn about the artists responsible for them, as well as local patrons and supporters of Rochester's arts community who have found final rest amid the natural splendor of Mount Hope.

Tales from the Crypts: The Mausoleums of Mount Hope Cemetery
presented by Chris Grooms

image of the Hylan MausoleumMount Hope's mausoleums are a unique and integral aspect of the cemetery's physical, historical, and cultural landscape, offering examples of different structural types and architectural styles. Each of the cemetery's 85 mausoleums has its own story. Explore a selection of these structures and discover the stories of philanthropists, artists, inventors, mayors, entrepreneurs, and everyday Rochesterians who commissioned mausoleums to help secure their legacies