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MARCH 2020

Sally Millick presenting her talk
Congratulations to Sally Millick
for her fascinating presentation at the Mourning in the Morning lecture series on March 14th. Sally's research on the women who voted with Susan B. Anthony and those who supported her during her suffrage activities was the product of much original research and analysis of primary documents. Her enthusiastic audience, which included many fellow SBA researchers, resulted in a wonderful exchange of information.

We at the FOMH are interested in video-taping Sally's power point presentation so that it will be available to the whole community of Susan B. Anthony aficionados.

Sally, one of our most respected researchers, will be leading two tours during our summer season, one on the Underground Railroad on May 23rd, and the second entitled "The Quest for Women's Suffrage and Equality" on June 11th and July 25th.

Thank you, Sally! And thanks to all the audience members who participated with such spirit.



Patricia Corcoran, Anna Jannes, Valerie O'Hara

Longtime volunteer, past leader of receptionists, chair of stone cleaning committee, and genealogist Anna Jannes has moved to St. Augustine, Florida. Our gratitude to Anna and her family as well: her husband Kevin and her daughters, who worked side by side with Anna on her many projects over the years.

Anna's enthusiasm, dedication, and knowledge of Mount Hope Cemetery history were an inspiration to all of us.

We will miss you, Anna!

L to R: FOMH President Patricia Corcoran,
Anna Jannes, and Trustee Valerie O'Hara

Congratulations, Dennis!

FOMH Trustees at sofa dedication
Last summer, the antique Empire Sofa in the gatehouse was reupholstered and restored with a gift from Dennis Carr.  In April 2019, the University of Rochester (UR) had awarded Dennis their prestigious "Staff Community Service Award,"  which included a check that he could donate to his favorite charity. The restoration was completed, thanks to the work of our Restoration Committee, and led by Chris Grooms.

The restored sofa was dedicated at our Board Meeting on February 5, 2020.  A plaque above it reads:

This Empire Sofa is Dedicated to
In Honor Of
His 40 Years of Exemplary Service
And Inspirational Leadership
The Friends Of Mount Hope Cemetery

The University of Rochester issued the following statement concerning their award to Dennis Carr:

Staff Community Service Award – University of Rochester
The Staff Community Service Award honors a nonmanagement staff member whose commitment best exemplifies service to the University and the Greater Rochester community.

portrait shot of Dennis CarrDENNIS CARR
Answer Desk and ILL Specialist, Institute for Innovative Education: Miner Library

Dennis Carr is being recognized for his dedication to the Mount Hope Cemetery as a volunteer for more than 40 years.

Carr started his affiliation with Mount Hope Cemetery in the 1970s as a tour guide. In 1980, he co-founded the Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery, a nonprofit organization that promotes the cemetery as a cultural and educational resource and assists with the physical preservation and restoration of the historic site. Throughout the years, Carr has held many roles with the organization—president, vice president, and treasurer of the Board of Trustees; tour director; and tour committee chair.

Carr's greatest passion in his work with Mount Hope Cemetery—and what he's most known for—is giving tours. "It is impossible to be in the presence of Dennis without learning a fascinating story that will become an indelible part of our repertoire as tour guides, and enrich our lives as well," wrote Patricia Corcoran, vice president of the Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery, in a letter supporting Carr's nomination. "His curiosity is insatiable, and his creativity enriches our organization and the hundreds of people who come on our tours every season."

Carr has been involved in countless projects with Mount Hope Cemetery including the restoration of the 1872 gazebo, acquiring grant funding in support of the cemetery's landscape preservation, and establishing unique and well-attended theme tours.

"Dennis's long-standing devotion to the Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery and scale of his achievements are commendable. His exceptional personal commitment has directly elevated the profile and perception of the cemetery above and beyond fulfilling the mission of the organization he has co-founded," wrote nominators and Miner Library colleagues Susan Atkins, answer desk manager, and Jennifer Raynor, director. "Dennis is a role model, an inspiration, and truly exemplifies the essence of community service."

restored Woodlawn cemetery chapel       VISIT TO CANANDAIGUA

On Saturday, February 1st, members of our Restoration Committee visited Woodlawn Cemetery in Canandaigua to meet with Doug Stone, the cemetery superintendent.  Doug and his wife have restored a historic chapel on the grounds of this cemetery, and we were able to see the amazing transformation of this chapel, which is finally finished.

chapel interiorWe look forward to hosting Doug and his wife in the spring at Mount Hope.  Will they have any ideas for our 1863 Old Chapel?

As we gather research on our old chapel, once again we ask our members  to search their family photo albums.  We cannot find a single photo of the interior of our chapel. We have many of the exterior. Considering the number of families who used this chapel, it is strange that we cannot find any photographs.

Can you help us?