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Tale of Two Henrys book coverA Tale of Two Henrys: Selden and O'Reilly
Movers and Shakers of the Gilded Age
by William G. Andrews
$30 (tax included) plus $3.50 shipping/handling

The two Henrys were very different persons, yet they accomplished much together and much separately. Selden was an attorney from a close-knit, distinguished old-line New England WASP family with a quiet, reserved personality. O'Reilly was a journalist from a dysfunctional Irish Catholic immigrant family with a creative, restless personality, careless in matters of money and legalities.

Together they democratized the NYS constitution, built the largest telegraph network in the world, fought the Anti-Mason hysteria, founded the Jacksonian political party in western New York, undertook a major river improvement project, and were anti-slavery abolitionists. Separately, Selden pursued distinguished political, judicial, and legal careers, including a brilliant defense of Susan B. Anthony for voting. O'Reilly was a prolific journalist and instigated reform of the NYS public school system, defense of the Erie Canal, recruitment of Colored Troops in the Civil War, and actively led many civic and business projects.

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Beyond These Gates: Mountains of Hope
in Rochester's African-American History

By Marilyn S. Nolte and Verdis L. Robinson
$25 (tax included) plus $3.50 shipping/handling

This book brings to light the stories of several African-Americans, some well known, some not. We bestow upon them the title of Mounts of Hope, for they came to Rochester, New York with an enduring optimism, endless courage, the ability to overcome obstacles, to labor for their bread, to fight for their beliefs, to make contributions to their community, and throughout their lives maintain mountains of hope for their future and that of their children. It is fitting that they rest permanently in a cemetery with the name, Mount Hope.

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Buried Treasures -- 2018 Edition
By Richard O. Reisem
with photographs by Donald S. Hall and Ron Richardson
$25 (tax included) plus $3.50 shipping/handling

This book resurrects the stories of some 650 individuals buried in world-famous Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, New York. The good and the bad, the famous and the notorious, the rich and the destitute, the creative and the eccentric, the lucky and the unfortunate, are all represented on these 230 pages with mini-biographies and more than 200 splendid color photographs, including high-resolution flying-camera drone pictures. The book covers the period from the cemetery's inception in 1838. The foldout cover reveals a 13-inch-wide cemetery map with locations of 70 famous gravesites.  This is a book to enhance your visit to America's first and largest municipal Victorian cemetery. It is also a book to read at your leisure about Rochester's amazing past.

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Myron Holley: Canal Builder/Abolitionist/Unsung Hero

By Richard O. Reisem
$10 (tax included) plus $3.75 shipping/handling

In this inspiring biography, author Richard Reisem reveals the noble heart and remarkable accomplishments of one of Mount Hope Cemetery's most distinguished residents -- Myron Holley (1779-1841).

As the author notes in his introduction, "Despite his illustrious lineage, startling good looks, fine education, superior intelligence, consistent honesty, humanitarian views, leadership of the Erie Canal, founding of an influential political party, laudable speaking abilities and passionate writing -- despite these admirable qualities and accomplishments, Myron Holley had his legal career abruptly ended by a murder, was accused by evil forces of embezzlement, deprived of his property, became caught up in a notorious killing, and finally was reduced to penury. As Mark Twain said, 'Life is stranger than fiction, because life has no obligation to be probable.' The whole story of Myron Holley, seemingly not probable, becomes an important and fascinating tale.

Among Holley's many achievements, he served as the Superintendent of Construction of the Erie Canal and founded the first Horticultural Society in Western New York, the First Unitarian Church in Rochester, and the anti-slavery Liberty Party. More than 70 illustrations enrich this story of a man devoted to public service, often at the expense of his personal health and financial security.

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Gravestones in Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, New York
Published by the Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery
$10 (tax included) plus $3.50 shipping/handling

Mount Hope Cemetery is a striking outdoor art gallery, with hundreds of thousands of gravestones reflecting 175 years of interpretations concerning memory, sorrow, and grief. The Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery's newest book commemorates these gravestones in their endless variety and diverse approaches to death.

Within the book's 134 full-color pages, you'll discover stunning photographs of monuments in granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, zinc, steel, ceramic clay, wood, and bronze. These raw materials have been fashioned into simple Colonial tablets, soaring Egyptian obelisks, mausoleums that look like Greek temples, ornately carved steles and columns, winged angels, stone figures in flowing robes, flora and fauna of every type, favorite pet dogs, and a cornucopia of Victorian symbols.

The 6- by 9-inch book is printed on fine, heavy, coated paper stock and spiral-bound so that each page can be turned up completely flat. A full-page map of the cemetery notes each gravestone location by section or range number. The text features information about the materials and styles of grave markers from the early 1800s to the present, as well as interesting information about the permanent residents memorialized by the markers. A section of seven pictures shows steps in the creation of a gravestone, and a dictionary of symbols found in Mount Hope Cemetery is included.

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Underground Railroad Booklet coverFrederick Douglass and the Underground Railroad
Text by Richard Reisem with Photographs by Frank Gillespie
$10 (tax included) plus $3.50 shipping/handling

This 100-page soft-covered book traces slavery in New York State from its early existence within the Dutch colony called New Netherlands, through its years as a British colony, and finally during America's slave history up to the Civil War (1861-65).

The book contains a biography of Frederick Douglass and chapters devoted to brief but poignant stories of Rochester's many abolitionist citizens who risked all to assist enslaved people as they journeyed to freedom in Canada. Readers will be introduced to several of Mount Hope Cemetery's permanent residents whose participation in the local Underground Railroad story has not previously been told.

In keeping with the Friends' mission to provide historic information to a broad audience at an affordable price, this book, a $20 value, is available to the public for just $10.

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