2024 Restoration Projects


Section E
The huge hill behind the gatehouse and the adjoining flat area on Mount Hope Avenue make up Section E. While the flat area has been developed with cradle graves and rich stories of people interred there, the hill has been neglected by historians because it is steep and challenging to hikers. Since restoring the many gravestones on this hill, we have been surprised to discover lovely family plots. We have found stones buried and now restored. It appears that affluent 19th century businessmen found this area prestigious and attractive. The view from the top of this hill overlooking the cemetery on three sides and Highland Park on the east side is spectacular. Our restoration team has repaired 93 gravestones and 23 foundations in this section. This area is a project of the FOMH Cemetery Improvement Fund.

Section C-slope
This area south of the Old Chapel is a steep hill with many broken and fallen stones. It is a challenging area to restore because of the terrain, but it is prominent in its location and receives daily foot traffic. Fifty-three gravestones have been restored in this area with support from the FOMH Cemetery Improvement Fund.

Range 3/5, 3/6
These areas, located on Greenleaf Avenue, mark the third of a multiyear project to repair Jewish sections in Mount Hope. Seventy-four gravestones and nine foundations will be repaired in this area. Funds for this restoration are from the FOMH restoration budget, and we are awaiting support from several grants and donors.

Section P
This area bordering on Mount Hope Avenue is adjacent to Section S which was completed in 2022. In 2023 half of this area was repaired, and this year Section P will be completed. This project is paid for by FOMH restoration funds.

Range 2 -West Section
This extensive work is funded by a generous donation for historic restoration from Colleen Crowley and Jack Martin of Palm Springs, California, Baum Foundation of Annapolis, Maryland, and several anonymous donors.

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