Ensemble Tour: Section A: The Joy of Restoration: A Gift from our Donors

Section A The Joy of Restoration A Gift from our Donors 5 1

This ensemble tour was a celebration of the completion of the restoration of Section A – one of our two major 2021 projects.  Thanks to donations from 141 of our members, we were able to raise the $14,800 required to repair 148 broken or fallen gravestones in this area. 

Led by Patricia Corcoran, the President of the FOMH, the tour group visited various gravesites to learn about Rochester people of historical significance buried in this section. Tour guides included Chris Grooms, Dennis Carr, Eric Birken, and Joanne Mitchell.

The highlight of this tour was Bill Yager explaining how he restores and repairs these stones. Bill is truly a master craftsman, and we appreciate his devotion to our FOMH restoration projects.

Stop by and enjoy a totally restored area – a tribute to the generosity of our donors.

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