Hiking with Julie Sherwood


When you think about hiking, you may envision heading far away from the city.  You want to spend time walking among trees and wildflowers, you want to listen to birds singing, and watch for deer and other woodland animals. Did you know that such a paradise exists within Rochester city limits?  

Hike with Julie Sherwood in Mount Hope Cemetery

Mount Hope Cemetery offers such an opportunity! It is free and open every day all year long. Not only is it a glorious place to hike with its rolling hills and natural beauty, but you will find yourself surrounded by magnificent art, architecture, and lovely gardens.  You will be immersed in  history – the stories of people who lived in Rochester and built our city and our nation. All in an atmosphere of peace, quiet, and solitude.

We Mount Hope aficionados have a new convert. For months we have been following the hiking column in the Democrat & Chronicle entitled “Sherwood in the Forest with Rosie.” written by  Julie Sherwood.

We contacted Julie several times to include Mount Hope in her column, and last week she arrived at our gatehouse for her first visit!   Read what she wrote about the cemetery in her latest column, Sherwood in the Forest with Rosie.  

We suspect that Julie has fallen in love with Mount Hope Cemetery.  We thank Julie for accepting our invitation and including us in her outdoor adventure series.We look forward to your return, Julie! 

Mount Hope belongs to us all.
Kristine Klein and Pat Corcoran

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