A Mount Hope Favorite – Our Annual Civil War Theme Tour


On Saturday, August 28th, the Friends of Mount Hope presented a Civil War theme tour in the south end of Mount Hope Cemetery.

Our tour guide ensemble, which included Lynda Baudanza, Sarah Johnson, Colleen Ruffino, Deb Coffey, and Dennis Carr, shared engaging and intriguing stories at the graves of several Civil War participants. 

The group highlighted Joseph H. Pool, an officer who was wounded, captured, and died a prisoner of war, George Fuller, a businessman and manufacturer of prosthetic limbs, Ferdinand Cunningham, an African-American veteran who served in the famed 54th Massachusetts regiment, Dr. Henry C. Dean, the surgeon of the 140th NY Infantry, and James Hard, the last-living Civil War combat veteran, to name a few.

Thank you all who came out on a very hot and humid day to learn about these incredible 

Civil War-era citizens.

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