Celebrating Myron and Sallie Holley


Inspired by descendants John and Christine Holley

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It was August 16th, 2022, when John and Christine first wrote to the FOMH exploring the possibility of installing a bench at the Holley gravesite in Section G. This began a long email correspondence and an actual visit to Mount Hope to discuss this project.  

The result of this correspondence was the wonderful Holley event on September 30th. The Holley’s mailed us the bench and a plaque to be erected near the bench. Stairs and a handrail were installed; the bench was put up; the obelisk was cleaned.  

During this summer huge improvements were made to the area.  Chris McCoy’s Edison students worked a week in the Section G area and came again before the event for last minute touch ups.  Susan Andersen worked diligently removing poison ivy and worked in tandem with the students. Tom Jones did extensive landscaping, creating vistas into the nearby kettle. On the final day Jason Madison sent his crew to do a last-minute weed whacking sweep resulting in the area looking pristine.

A committee was organized to work on the event. Monica Gurell volunteered to organize refreshments; President Kristine Klein organized a lovely program and served as MC; Dennis Carr and Sarah Johnson agreed to portray Myron and Sallie; Chris Petote arranged for chairs. 12 board members and receptionists volunteered to attend and help with parking and assisting visitors up the hill.  Robbie Dreeson, a DAR friend of Christine, was very helpful in communicating with the Holleys.

The event was a huge success.  Christine said that it was everything they had dreamed of.  Many of their family members were in attendance as well as a huge showing of DAR and SAR members. And the mayor of Holley as well!

We are grateful to John and Christine Holley for inspiring this project and working so closely with the FOMH.  They are a wonderful couple, and we appreciate their support of the Friends of Mount Hope.

Pat Corcoran

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