Honoring Amy Post – Abolitionist, Suffragist, Friend

Honoring Amy Post

The highlight of our 2022 season was the major event dedicating the Amy Post historical marker on July 10th. A touching ceremony included a parade of FOMH officers and tour receptionists to the gravesite, a reenactment of the Amy Post eulogy delivered by Sarah Johnson, an inspiring discussion of Amy Post by visiting historian Judith Wellman, and a wonderful explanation of abolition fairs presented by Mary Ellen Capineri.

Our program, emceed by Pat Sorce, included a letter of commendation from the Pomeroy Foundation, which provided the marker, and was shared by Kristine Klein. President Pat Corcoran concluded the program, celebrating the abolition contributions of the Posts’ colleague Rhoda DeGarmo buried nearby, as well as the dedication of Rosetta Douglass Sprague, and her mother, Anna Murray Douglass, both heavily involved in Underground Railroad activities and abolition fairs.

Visitors enjoyed our mock abolition fair, which included a table of handmade items, plus refreshments and camaraderie reminiscent of the original Amy Post get-togethers.

We invite you to enjoy a film of this celebration, as well as photos of this memorable day.

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