Margaret Kunz


By Marjorie Searl

York and Margaret Kunz - Mount Hope Cemetery Holocaust Archive

Margaret, born Margarethe Tuch on August 31, 1897, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, was married to York Kunz on December 30, 1919. She and York had two children, Hilde and. Werner. By the 1930s, anti-Semitism was rampant in Germany, and it seemed clear that the Kunzes needed to emigrate. Margarethe and her family left Germany in November 1938, immediately following Kristallnacht.

In Rochester, Margaret Kunz was a nursery schoolteacher at Baden Street Settlement House, helping other children of migrants and immigrants. By the time she retired in 1968, she was head of the nursery school program. She died in Switzerland on August 3, 1979. 

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