What is the new Holocaust Archive on the FOMH website?


The Holocaust is the name given to the systematic extermination of nearly six million Jews that was perpetrated by Nazi Germany and its collaborators during World War II. The Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery are creating an appropriate way to memorialize those individuals who survived or died in the Holocaust and are buried in Mount Hope Cemetery. We have begun this project by collecting the names of those whose graves or cenotaphs are located within Mount Hope.

Using the resources available from the Center for Holocaust Awareness and Information (CHAI) of the Jewish Community Federation, cross-referenced with the burial records of Mount Hope Cemetery we have developed an initial list of names whom we wish to remember. When available, we have provided names, birth and death dates, locale of death, images of gravestone or cenotaph, and burial locations in the cemetery. As more people and their stories are identified, they will be added to the archive.

If you have family members or acquaintances who were Holocaust victims and are buried at Mount Hope Cemetery, please contact us and share their names and stories. We are working hard to make our list complete.

We appreciate your help!

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